From Grassland

with Love and Passion...

In the heart of the vast Mongolian grasslands, lifelong friends Mona and Jenna shared a bond as unyielding as the land they roamed. Born beneath the azure sky and amidst the emerald expanses, their spirits found solace in the untamed beauty of nature. Their laughter echoed through the winds, their dreams woven into the fabric of the wild.
Bound by a shared reverence for the innate love for their roots, they yearned to encapsulate this wild, unbounded essence. A whisper carried by the wind sparked an idea – a brand that echoed the symphony of the endless plains. They christened it “GEREL GILVAA,” a name infused with the spirit of their Mongolian heritage. It wasn’t just a brand; it was an ode to their upbringing, a homage to their wild hearts.
Together, they embarked on a journey, letting the rolling grasslands be their muse. The beauty of the wild seeped into each design, mirroring the vibrant culture they cherished. Every piece told a story, weaving in the mystique of Mongolian artistry.
Their creations were not just ornaments; they were talismans, carrying the wild, free spirit of the steppes. With each piece, they wished to bestow upon wearers a sense of liberation, an invitation to embrace their undefined, unconfined selves.
Through GEREL GILVAA, Mona and Jenna sought to paint the world with the hues of the Mongolian wilderness, inviting all souls to feel the exhilaration of freedom, to revel in the serenity of nature’s embrace, and to embody the essence of being truly and beautifully undefined.